“We believe blockchain is more than just ICT innovation, it facilitates new opportunities through an emerging economy”

About Us

Network and Knowledge

Megalodon DMCC founders have been part of the blockchain industry since 2011. With our combined network and knowledge in relation to blockchain (trading cryptocurrencies and assisting setting up blockchain businesses), we are able to provide our investors unprecedented access to the world of blockchain, whilst also operating within a regulated framework.


Our prestigious team is experienced in both traditional finance and blockchain technology; having strong connections in the blockchain space with promising entrepreneurs, top blockchain developers and other investors (e.g. venture capitalist, angel investors) around the globe. Career experience of managing partners of Megalodon spans from top tier legal firm such as Baker McKenzie to top tier investment banks such as Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas.


Our OTC trading desk allows our clients to purchase and sell high amounts of bitcoin and ethereum, through a safe and secure gateway. We have represented insititional buyers/sellers of bitcoin and ethereum though our OTC desk.

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    Option 1

    Direct TRADING (purchase/sale of cryptocurrency) with our OTC (Over-The-Counter) Desk.

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    Option 2

    Direct trade (purchase/sale of cryptocurrency) with another client of our desk via an escrow.

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    Option 3

    Direct match with another client of our desk (no escrow).

What We Do

We offer various services for facilitating client transactions in cryptocurrency/digital assets:

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    Purchase and Sale of cryptocurrency for fiat currency (GBP, EUR, USD, AED)

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    Conversion of one cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin to Ether, BTC/ETH)

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    Trading of cryptocurrency exposure and advisory

    Megalodon can manage execution/liquidation of a client’s trading position and provide related advice.

Why Choose Us

Highest standards of trading expertise stemming from a decade of professional trading experience, both in cryptocurrency as well as traditional currency markets. Better execution leads to better prices for clients, minimising market impact of client transaction

Broad network of relationships with our liquidity providers and partners.

Access to broader/better liquidity than our competitors, comprising of exchanges, dark pools and other bespoke cryptocurrency OTC desks.

Access to a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets; Megalodon can facilitate transactions in most actively traded alternative coins.

Highly professional standards for KYC/AML checks, customer on-boarding and identification, security/safety of client data and transaction processes, and accompanying legal documentation.

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